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Materiaal en Facilitaire sponsoren:

 Jan van der Hoorn (ter Aar) ensures correct rounding in the skating and provides us with the right abrasive materials.
 The special rounding machines are unique and very reliable.
 By Jan van der Hoorn, you can choose from a full range of skates, roller blades and related items. There is also a technical area of 150 m2. Customer service is important. Your satisfaction is the quality mark.
 For an impression look HERE.

 The Vechtsebanen Utrecht provides appropriate assistance in training opportunities at audience-hours.
 The Vechtsebanen is best known as the ice rink of Utrecht.
 The ice centre include a hockey stadium and an indoor ice rink 400 meters. What many people do not know is that the Vechtsebanen also has a bowling center, a conference center and rooms for examine etc.


 Taxi company Van der Laan is already many decades the company where we rent the cvans for our training stages.
  The flexibility, the service etc. makes always that we are able to go.
  This constructive cooperation helps us to achieve all at home and abroad our training camps many years and just get as important at home again.


 Our Race Bikes will be kept in top condition by the company Plieger wielersport from Meerkerk.
 The training sesions which we do on the Bike can we do always whitout any problem.
 From the trips in the beginning of the season till the trips in the France Alps in the sommer they can be done always fine and safety and also the bike training we do at home.