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Team 2017/2018,  Bart Valentijn, Quinty van Klink, Vishwaraj Jadeja and Wim Nieuwenhuizen.
The Schaatsteam (Speedskating team) Wim Nieuwenhuizen is an independent group of ambitious young athletes from around central Netherlands who have set their mission to reach a high ranking in speed skating.
This is done through a gradual development of Track, Regional, National level and ultimately the goal to participate in the European, World championships and Olympics.
The training program is geared for reaching the global level on the longer term.

This seems very ambitious and is certainly realistic.
Over the past years, some team members achieved these goals.
Jochem Uytdehaage (multiple Olympic Champion), Paulien van Deutekom (World Champion), Tim Salomons, Ralf van der Rijst, Marieke Wijsman, Emiel de Jager, Dennis van der Gun, Linda Verdouw, Emilie Gale, Linda Bouwens have all emerged from our team.

The Team is based at the Vechtsebanen Utrecht and operates within the District North Holland / Utrecht.

The development of the athletes is followed by a Trainer/Coach, Sports physicians and Physical therapists which each bring specific expertise to the team.
Achieving these goals makes it necessary to work with a very professional program.
Training Stages in the Belgian Ardennes, Berlin, French Alps, Erfurt and in Baselga di Pine, Italy are planned. This is achieved with a minimal budget.
All is realized by a number of relatively small but very important sponsors.

A very important factor is the commitment of the pupils and the involvement of the people around them.
The athletes have set themselves clear targets but achieving them cannot and will not be met without the support and encouragement from family/school/KNSB Track Commission etc. etc.

The team forms part of the new KNSB team structure.
It can be seen as a private or a commercial team but also as a standard training team that has its foundations in the KNSB / DistrictNH-Utrecht  / Track Commission / Clubs and simply receives a contribution through sponsorship.

Wim Nieuwenhuizen.